Duett 3

  • Multi-functional double buggy - can be used from birth
  • Carrycot converts into a sports seat
  • Two separate, removable seat units
  • Puncture-resistant, comfort tires
  • Optional extras: Isofix-compatible Comfortfix car seat + Isofix base + second carrycot
  • Our tip! Optionally available: second baby pram for Duett 3

One for all. This sibling pram is truly multi-functional, because it fits in easily with your family’s plans. With its many combination options, Duett 3 is the perfect companion from the very beginning. It can even cope with narrow tracks.

Two in one. You can now take both your children for walks in this great sibling pram. Duett 3 is simply made to adapt to your family’s plans. The major advantage is that your two kids can travel in the Duett 3, not side by side creating excess width, but narrowly, one behind the other. Duett 3 is guaranteed to fit through any door or in any elevator. The handle can be individually adjusted to mom or dad’s height, for comfort. The light aluminum chassis and puncture-proof comfort tires feel comfortable to ride and drive on all surfaces. The lockable front wheels rotate through 360°. Enjoy wonderful trips with the whole family in this double buggy.

Secure right from the start. Your newborn will be safe and secure in the cozy carrycot, from birth. Your older child rides along in the lower seat. The padded sides of the seat keep your child secure. The backrest can be reclined by opening the zip fastenings, to make your child comfortable. If the canopy is in the way, it can simply be removed as required. The wheel guards on the back wheels stop your child from touching the spokes.

Stay flexible, even with twins. Do you have twins and would like to use the Duett 3 after their birth? We have the solution. A second carrycot is available to buy separately, to go with your Duett 3. It fits onto the attachments for the bottom seat, so that the carrycots are underneath each other.

This obviously goes for the car seat too. In addition to the carrycot, you can also attach the separately available Comfort Fix car seat to the Duett 3. No adapters are required because they are already integrated into the buggy chassis. The car seat features patented side-impact protection, breathable fabrics, head restraint and seat-size reducer. It fixes into the car with the 3-point vehicle belt or with the separately available Isofix base. The advantage is that you don’t need to wake your sleeping child when you carry him or her out of the car in the car seat and secure it onto the buggy chassis. Just click and go. Your older child can ride along in the bottom seat.

Visiting grandparents? If one child is with grandma and grandpa, use the Duett 3 as a single buggy, simply by removing the bottom seat. When both children are there, the second seat is just as easy to fix back onto the frame.

Conversion made easy! Once your child has outgrown the carrycot, it converts into a sports buggy seat using the belt loops. It mounts onto the aluminum chassis in two different directions. The siblings can face each other or both look in the same direction. With its multi-adjustable backrest and footrest, the wide sports seat offers your child the ultimate comfort. Open the canopy with the zipper to reveal breathable mesh fabric for optimum ventilation. The leg cover, which used to be the cover of the carrycot, now protects your child against the weather in the sports seat. Both of the rain canopies included have small holes for ventilation and can be used separately. Both 5-point belts and the parking brake look after your little ones’ safety at all times.

  • Sibling and twin pram with separate seat units

  • Boot cover

  • Raincover

  • Pack size

    Pack size
    57 x 37 x 92 cm

  • Weight total single item (incl. box)

    Weight total single item (incl. box)
    19 kg

  • 5-point harness system

    5-point harness system

  • sibling pram: From 0 months to 15 kg

    sibling pram: From 0 months to 15 kg

  • Detachable rear wheels

    Detachable rear wheels

  • Detachable front wheels

    Detachable front wheels

  • Detachable front bar

    Detachable front bar

  • Detachable canopy

    Detachable canopy

  • Wipeable


  • Aluminium frame

    Aluminium frame

  • Easy-Fix-System


  • Easy-Fix system

    Easy-Fix system

  • Suspension


  • Locking brake

    Locking brake

  • Large shopping basket

    Large shopping basket

  • Height-adjustable handle

    Height-adjustable handle
    4x / 81,5 - 113,5 cm

  • incl. Carry cot

    incl. Carry cot

  • incl. Boot cover

    incl. Boot cover

  • incl. Rain cover

    incl. Rain cover

  • Pushchair / Second seat: from 6 months till 15 kg

    Pushchair / Second seat: from 6 months till 15 kg

  • Measurements lying area

    Measurements lying area
    80 cm

  • Lengths of seat and back rest

    Lengths of seat and back rest
    20,5 x 41 cm

  • Length: seat/back rest/lying area

    Length: seat/back rest/lying area

  • Measurements built-up (max.)

    Measurements built-up (max.)
    121 x 67 x 115,5 cm

  • Inner measurements carry cot

    Inner measurements carry cot
    80 x 31 x 19 cm

  • Weight total single item (without box)

    Weight total single item (without box)
    17,25 kg

  • Measurements folded (min.)

    Measurements folded (min.)
    88,5 x 67 x 36 cm

  • Wheel diameter (front wheel)

    Wheel diameter (front wheel)
    20 cm

  • Wheel diameter (back wheel)

    Wheel diameter (back wheel)
    29,5 cm

  • Back rest inclination

    Back rest inclination
    79 - 108 °

  • Adjustable back rest (different positions or continuously)

    Adjustable back rest (different positions or continuously)

  • Height of handle

    Height of handle
    108,5 cm

  • Lockable and swivelling front wheels

    Lockable and swivelling front wheels

  • Seat width

    Seat width
    32 cm

  • Seat height

    Seat height
    58 cm

  • Canopy


  • Reversible seat unit

    Reversible seat unit

  • Adjustable foot rest

    Adjustable foot rest
    4 x

  • Second seat from 6 months to 15 kg

    Second seat from 6 months to 15 kg

  • High-quality full PU-wheel

    High-quality full PU-wheel

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