• Do I get a stroller, car seat etc. as a replacement during repair time?

    We offer this service in various cases.

  • Your question could not be answered?

    If you could not get an answer to your question here, please contact us.

    You can reach us by phone: 09562- 98 60 or 09562- 88 62, by mail: service@hauck.de or by our contact form.

  • My hauck product is defective. What can I do?

    Please contact your dealer when your hauck product is defective.

  • What is an Easy-Fix system?

    This term means that the carry cot and the car seat can be fixed on the stroller in only a few easy steps. No additional adapters are needed. When you use the stroller without carry cot and car seat, the adapters can just be pushed back into the armrests.

  • How can I get hold of your service department?

    You can contact us by phone: 09562- 8862,  mail: service@hauck.de or with our service contact form or via https://www.facebook.com/hauckfunforkids.

  • How do I find hauck dealers?

    You find dealers with our dealer search on our homepage. Just enter your favoured postcode to specify your search.

    Online dealers can be found in our  online dealer list. 

  • How can I send my defective product to hauck?

    You can ask your dealer whether he or she can send your defective product to us. You can also contact us directly and ask how your product can be sent to us. Our customer address is: hauck GmbH & Co. KG, client service,  Frohnlacher Str. 8,  96242 Sonnefeld.

  • How can I order spare parts such as new wheels, fabrics etc.?

    Spare parts can be ordered at your dealer or can be ordered directly from hauck. We need the name of the item and the bar code from the chassis. This is the code which is scanned at the till. The code starts with 400 79 23...If the bar code is not available any more, you can upload a picture together with our contact form or you can send it by mail to service@hauck.de.

  • How and where do I order hauck accessories such as rain cover, parasol, foot muff or carrying bag?

    These products can be purchased at our dealers.

  • Where do I find the prices for your items on your homepage?

    We cannot name prices on our homepage as we deliver our products exclusively to specialist dealers. Please contact your dealers for some price information.

  • Where do I find manuals?

    You find manuals on our homepage. Manuals for current and older models are available as pdf for download.

  • Where do I find your factory outlet?

    You find a route map and the opening hours of our factory outlet on our homepage.

    We offer a wide range of sample products and phase-out models to bargain prices.

  • Where do I find hauck catalogues?

    At your dealer or as download or flash version (for skim through) on our homepage.

  • Where can I have my defective product fixed?

    Many of our specialist dealers can fix minor repairs in their shops. For major repairs, the stroller has to be sent to us. Please contact us before you send your product. You can contact us by phone: 09562- 9860, by mail: service@hauck.de or by our contact form.

  • At what price can I purchase spare parts?

    You can find out about the prices of our spare parts at your dealer or our service department. You can contact our service department by phone:  09562-88 62, by mail: service@hauck.de or by our contact.

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